About Me

50 Things You Never Knew…

1. My parents got divorced when I was two. I have no memories of them together. 

2. I will always fight for the things/people I love. 

3. I am a hopeless romantic. I am terrified of being alone and unloved. 

4. I love looking at wedding dresses and I can’t wait to plan my own wedding! (:

5. I know what it feels like to be in love…and i wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world. 

6. I had a crush on my boyfriend for 2 years before anything happened between us. 

7. I don’t support abortion, but i know if we get rid of it for good, girls will find other, more dangerous ways, of killing the unborn baby.

8. I wanna be a lawyer and fight for the people that need to be fought for. 

9. I LOVE little kids, and i would do ANYTHING to help one that is in danger or just needs a parental figure. 

10. I plan on adopting children. 

11. When I was 16, I went with the Nebraska State Patrol to do cigarette buys…I would walk in and ask for cigarettes…if they didn’t card me & sold them to me, the trooper i was with would go inside and ticket the employee that sold to me. 

12. I applied for, and was accepted into the Jr. Law Cadet Program when I was a junior. I spent a week at the State Patrol Training Academy learning all about law enforcement. 

13. I seriously have a problem spending money.

14. When I was 3, I was on posters all over Gage County to prevent Child Abuse. 

15. My dad used to be an undercover drug cop.

16. I love getting dressed up, but i am nowhere near a girly girl. 

17. I wish i had a baby fox named Raz. 

18. My favorite gaming system is N64! (OLDSCHOOL!!!)

19. I am self-conscious about the wierdest things. 

20. I have never felt incredibly pretty. 

21. I love dreaming. If my dreams were made into movies, I would be rich. 

22. My favorite numbers are 12 and 28. 

23. I have played basketball, soccer, softball, golf and ran track at some point growing up. I have never been good at any.

24. I’ve never had the chicken pox.

25. I have never broken any bones.

26. I have detassled, worked at the gun club, Runza and now I work at Blackburn Technologies.

27. I’m easily annoyed. Usually with the dumbest things. 

28. I enjoy Woodchuck.

29. I have never been to a party. 

30. I have never smoked or done drugs.

31. I am a virgin.

32. I love going to pools & lakes.

33. I wish all lakes were completely clear. If I can’t see what I’m swimmming it, it creeps me the hell out. 

34. I don’t like bridges. They scare me. 

35. I want to travel somewhere exotic very soon. 

36. I want to see the world. 

37. I have almost every season of House on DVD. 

38. I love the TV show Dollhouse. PHENOMENAL! 

39. I would rather get a giant hug from my boyfriend than some sloppy romantic kiss.

40. I like going on dates. ALOT. 

41. My ex boyfriend was crazy and would physically and emotionally abuse me..I’m glad I finally got the courage to walk away.  

42. I’ll treat you the way you treat me. Don’t get on my bad side & you’ll be fine.

43. There aren’t many people that I can count on. I can honestly think of 4 people that I can trust with absolutely everything. 

44. After this summer, there are some “friends” that I will never see again, and quite frankly, I’m okay with that. 

45. I hate 2-faced people. If you have something to say, man up and say it to my face. Don’t pretend like you like me when we all know the shit you say when I’m not around.

46. I have zero tolerance for ignorant people. 

47. I have never had braces or a retainer. 

48. I could live off of Italian food for the rest of my life. I don’t care how fat I get…It would definitely be worth it! 

49. A guy, in a suit, with a nice body might possibly be the sexiest thing ever.

50. When I was little I would always shut my finger in the car door or accidentally staple my finger in class. 

A Quote

I’m ready to risk it all.
Declare it to the world.
So here goes nothing..
Take a look around you hun.
She’s got nothing to offer.
Black heels, short dress.
Showing the rest of the world what you think is your own.
I want you to know.
I’m gonna be the one.
I’m gonna be the one.
I’m gonna be the one for you.
I’m gonna be the one you take out every friday night.
Under the stars, holding me soo tight as we look up at the sky.
I’m gonna be the one you dream about.
Late afternoons laughing under the sun,
I’m the only one thats good for you.
I may be dreaming here,
I’m taking a chance.
I’m fighting for everything I know.
Dreaming of what could be and should be.
This is me. This is you. This is us.
Standing on the top of the world.
I’m gonna be the one that changes your life.
I’m gonna be the one.
I’m gonna be the one that gets you down on one knee.
Taking a chance for the change.
And in the end of it all,
You’re gonna wake up every morning to this.
And smile for the chance you didn’t miss.
I’m gonna be the one.
I’m gonna be the one beside you.

A Quote

Your kiss electrifies, corrupts and pulls me in.
I’m lost in your eyes,
staring at forever.
The eyes of yesterday are tugging on my heart,
but I’m standing tall,
Cause I’ve got your love
pulling me into the arms of tomorrow.
I’m dreaming of what could be.
A love that will carry me on,
to the distance of forever.
Fighting to find my way in this world.
I’m plunging into darkness,
Scared and alone.
Rescue me with your love.
I’m calling out to you,
With every thing I have…
It’s now or never.
So take a chance, risk it all,
& we’ll soar together among the unknown.
It’s time to pack our bags,
leave this town, and never look back.

YOUR REAL NAME Kendra Marie Dittbrenner

2.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(mother and fathers middle names) Marie Wade

3.NASCAR NAME:(first name of your mother’s dad, father’s dad) Kenneth Paul

4.STAR WARS NAME:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name) Ditke

5.DETECTIVE NAME:(favorite color, favorite animal) Purple fox

6.SOAP OPERA NAME:(middle name, town where you were born) Marie Beatrice

7.SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add “THE” to the beginning) The Yellow tea

8.FLY NAME:(first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name) Keer

9.ROCK STAR NAME:(current pets name, current street name) Thor grant

  1. PORN NAME: (1st pet, street you grew up on) Chip orchard

11.YOUR GANGSTA NAME:(first 3 letters of real name plus izzle) Kenizzle

12.YOUR IRAQI.. NAME:(2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name) Etmaraner

13.YOUR GOTH NAME:(black, and the name of one of your pets) Black zues

  1. STRIPPER NAME: (name of fav perfume, fav candy) Pink twix

Top 3 things that piss me off….today.

Today, im venting about all the insignificant things that piss me off. First of all, I cannot stand people who chew their gum like idiots. I do NOT want to hear the spit sloshing around in your mouth as you try to absorb all the flavor out of your already flavorless gum. Second. I cannot stand girls who are constantly checking their makeup. Getting dressed in the locker rooms before my PE class there are several girls that stand in the mirror and fix their hair, and make sure they look good. Okay, really? You’re gonna get all sweaty anyways. Enter a beauty pageant, idiots. Third. I hate arrogant annoying people that think they were Gods gift to the world. Newsflash! You are NOT all that spectacular. Somewhere along the way somebody told you were special and youve been feeding of it ever since. Nobody wants to hear you stand around and constantly talk about yourself. I think that’s all I have to rant about today. But more is bound to come :)

A Quote

Forever can never be long enough for me. To feel like I’ve had long enough with you… (:

My life in 15…

15 things you love?

1. Life! (:

2. Spending time with my friends…and Ryan!

3. My family. 

4. FOOOOODDD. (Especially the stuff that isn’t good for you.)

5. Writing. But only when I’m actually interested in what i’m writing about.

6. Debating with people.

7. Travelling. 

8. Nintendo 64!

9. Shopping. When I have money!

10. Little kids. (Ones that are well behaved) :)

11. LOST!

12. Dreaming at night.

13. Starting my day off with Miss Eliseeeelou. (:

14. My lappytoppy.

15. That Kearney will be my home for the next four years. (:(:

15 things you hate?

1. Waking up for school.

2. Seafood.

3. Stupid people that act stupid on purpose.

4. Arrogance. You aren’t as hot as you think you are.. Get. Over. Yourself!

5. Being proved wrong.

6. Arguing with the people I love.

7. Watching other people in pain. Especially little kids.

8. Making decisions that involve other people. Like picking a place to eat.

9. Bad drivers…

10. Bridges.

11. Clowns…They aren’t even funny. 

12. When people don’t text me back!

13. Ladybugs. They gross me out.

14. Wet hair. Makes me feel like a dog.

15. Swimming in anything other than clear water. I like to know what is underneath me!

15 things you neither love nor hate?

1. Leaving for college. I’m happy to get away. But I’ll miss everyone.

2. Politics. I’m not head over heels into it nor am i completely oblivious.

3. Team sports. Sometimes it sucks. Other times its fun…ish.

4. Golf. Love-hate relationship.

5. Texting. I love it..But sometimes it gets annoying.

6. Movies.

7. KFRX. Love listening to it in the mornings. But sometimes they talk too much.

8. Staying up extremely late.

9. Nebraska.

10. Being alone.

11. Driving.

12. Bowling.

13. Dances. And Dancing in general.

14. Hospitals.

15. Work.

15 people you can’t imagine your life without?

1. Jessica Pinkerton.

2. Cayla Polston.

3. Ryan Stevens.

4. Brittany Lenners.

5. Kelsie Post

6. Kya Campbell.

7. My dad&karen.

8. My mom&mark.

9. Elise Gerten.

10. Allie Hardman.

11. Amanda Kolman.

12. Cassie Thornburg.

13. ColtAlexander & TyAustin

14. Trey Spencer.

15. My Savior.

15 things you would want to have with you on a deserted island?

1. My toothbrush and lots of toothpaste. I can’t stand the feeling of unbrushed teeth. EWWW.

2. A knife. To cut things…

3. Jessica&Chris. They would be helpful…Maybe.

4. A bottle for water.

5. Something to make water taste better. So definitely a lemon tree. Or lemon seeds so i can grow a lemon tree.

6. A solar powered computer…

7. A watch! I hate not knowing the time.

8. Ryan. To keep me company when Chrissica is off alone!

9. Monopoly. That game never ends. Could waste alot of time playing it!

10. A deck of cards. Maybe 2.

11. An endless supply of matches.

12. Lots and lots of rope. (I’m sure it will come in handy)

13. An endless supply of my meds. Lord knows an eternity without those would be interesting..

14. A nice fluffy pillow!

15. A big warm sweatshirt. (Yes, I know its an island. But I’m always cold)

15 things you want to do before you die?

1. Get married.

2. Have kids.

3. Be an agent for the FBI.

4. Find Waldo.

5. Go parasailing.

6. Visit all 50 states.

7. Go to Bora Bora.

8. Ride an elephant!

9. Scuba dive somewhere amazing.

10. Spend the night in a famous haunted building.

11. Ride in a hot air balloon!

12. Visit Las Vegas.

13. Catch and tame a baby fox so i can keep it as a pet. (:

14. Ride in a race car with a racecar driver during a race. 

15. Have a full fledged food fight.

15 of your favorite movies?

1. Up.

2. Despicable Me.

3. Toy Story.

4. Jersey Girl.

5. The Guardian.

6. P.S. I love you.

7. Aladdin.

8. Minority Report.

9. Green Hornet.

10. The Hangover.

11. GI Joe

12. Mean Girls.

13. Easy A

14. Matilda

15. The Social Network.

15 songs that you love?

1. Don’t want to miss a thing - Aerosmith.

2. Amazed - Lonestar.

3. Hold my hand - Akon & Michael Jackson

4. Marry Me - Train

5. Dont want an ending - Sam Tsui

6. I Will Follow you into the dark - Death Cab for Cutie.

7. Weightless - All Time Low

8. Marry You - Bruno Mars.

9. I’ll take my chances - Click Five

10. 30 days - Never Shout Never

11. Make Damn Sure - Taking Back Sunday

12. The Best Day - Taylor Swift

13. Love Like Crazy - Lee Brice

14. Just so you know - Jesse McCartney

15. Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse

A Quote

& if it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, the only dream that mattered had come true. In this life, I was loved by you…