About Me

My life in 15…

15 things you love?

1. Life! (:

2. Spending time with my friends…and Ryan!

3. My family. 

4. FOOOOODDD. (Especially the stuff that isn’t good for you.)

5. Writing. But only when I’m actually interested in what i’m writing about.

6. Debating with people.

7. Travelling. 

8. Nintendo 64!

9. Shopping. When I have money!

10. Little kids. (Ones that are well behaved) :)

11. LOST!

12. Dreaming at night.

13. Starting my day off with Miss Eliseeeelou. (:

14. My lappytoppy.

15. That Kearney will be my home for the next four years. (:(:

15 things you hate?

1. Waking up for school.

2. Seafood.

3. Stupid people that act stupid on purpose.

4. Arrogance. You aren’t as hot as you think you are.. Get. Over. Yourself!

5. Being proved wrong.

6. Arguing with the people I love.

7. Watching other people in pain. Especially little kids.

8. Making decisions that involve other people. Like picking a place to eat.

9. Bad drivers…

10. Bridges.

11. Clowns…They aren’t even funny. 

12. When people don’t text me back!

13. Ladybugs. They gross me out.

14. Wet hair. Makes me feel like a dog.

15. Swimming in anything other than clear water. I like to know what is underneath me!

15 things you neither love nor hate?

1. Leaving for college. I’m happy to get away. But I’ll miss everyone.

2. Politics. I’m not head over heels into it nor am i completely oblivious.

3. Team sports. Sometimes it sucks. Other times its fun…ish.

4. Golf. Love-hate relationship.

5. Texting. I love it..But sometimes it gets annoying.

6. Movies.

7. KFRX. Love listening to it in the mornings. But sometimes they talk too much.

8. Staying up extremely late.

9. Nebraska.

10. Being alone.

11. Driving.

12. Bowling.

13. Dances. And Dancing in general.

14. Hospitals.

15. Work.

15 people you can’t imagine your life without?

1. Jessica Pinkerton.

2. Cayla Polston.

3. Ryan Stevens.

4. Brittany Lenners.

5. Kelsie Post

6. Kya Campbell.

7. My dad&karen.

8. My mom&mark.

9. Elise Gerten.

10. Allie Hardman.

11. Amanda Kolman.

12. Cassie Thornburg.

13. ColtAlexander & TyAustin

14. Trey Spencer.

15. My Savior.

15 things you would want to have with you on a deserted island?

1. My toothbrush and lots of toothpaste. I can’t stand the feeling of unbrushed teeth. EWWW.

2. A knife. To cut things…

3. Jessica&Chris. They would be helpful…Maybe.

4. A bottle for water.

5. Something to make water taste better. So definitely a lemon tree. Or lemon seeds so i can grow a lemon tree.

6. A solar powered computer…

7. A watch! I hate not knowing the time.

8. Ryan. To keep me company when Chrissica is off alone!

9. Monopoly. That game never ends. Could waste alot of time playing it!

10. A deck of cards. Maybe 2.

11. An endless supply of matches.

12. Lots and lots of rope. (I’m sure it will come in handy)

13. An endless supply of my meds. Lord knows an eternity without those would be interesting..

14. A nice fluffy pillow!

15. A big warm sweatshirt. (Yes, I know its an island. But I’m always cold)

15 things you want to do before you die?

1. Get married.

2. Have kids.

3. Be an agent for the FBI.

4. Find Waldo.

5. Go parasailing.

6. Visit all 50 states.

7. Go to Bora Bora.

8. Ride an elephant!

9. Scuba dive somewhere amazing.

10. Spend the night in a famous haunted building.

11. Ride in a hot air balloon!

12. Visit Las Vegas.

13. Catch and tame a baby fox so i can keep it as a pet. (:

14. Ride in a race car with a racecar driver during a race. 

15. Have a full fledged food fight.

15 of your favorite movies?

1. Up.

2. Despicable Me.

3. Toy Story.

4. Jersey Girl.

5. The Guardian.

6. P.S. I love you.

7. Aladdin.

8. Minority Report.

9. Green Hornet.

10. The Hangover.

11. GI Joe

12. Mean Girls.

13. Easy A

14. Matilda

15. The Social Network.

15 songs that you love?

1. Don’t want to miss a thing - Aerosmith.

2. Amazed - Lonestar.

3. Hold my hand - Akon & Michael Jackson

4. Marry Me - Train

5. Dont want an ending - Sam Tsui

6. I Will Follow you into the dark - Death Cab for Cutie.

7. Weightless - All Time Low

8. Marry You - Bruno Mars.

9. I’ll take my chances - Click Five

10. 30 days - Never Shout Never

11. Make Damn Sure - Taking Back Sunday

12. The Best Day - Taylor Swift

13. Love Like Crazy - Lee Brice

14. Just so you know - Jesse McCartney

15. Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse