About Me

Top 3 things that piss me off….today.

Today, im venting about all the insignificant things that piss me off. First of all, I cannot stand people who chew their gum like idiots. I do NOT want to hear the spit sloshing around in your mouth as you try to absorb all the flavor out of your already flavorless gum. Second. I cannot stand girls who are constantly checking their makeup. Getting dressed in the locker rooms before my PE class there are several girls that stand in the mirror and fix their hair, and make sure they look good. Okay, really? You’re gonna get all sweaty anyways. Enter a beauty pageant, idiots. Third. I hate arrogant annoying people that think they were Gods gift to the world. Newsflash! You are NOT all that spectacular. Somewhere along the way somebody told you were special and youve been feeding of it ever since. Nobody wants to hear you stand around and constantly talk about yourself. I think that’s all I have to rant about today. But more is bound to come :)